Timothy Bradley: I Don’t Need A Knockout To Win Against Manny Pacquiao

Timothy Bradley is convinced that he doesn’t need a knockout against Manny Pacquiao to get a definite result, similar to what Juan Manuel Marquez did when he stopped Pacquiao in their fourth showdown in December 2012.

Bradley, who will face Pacquiao in a rematch on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, pointed out that Marquez was in a different situation in his fourth showdown with the Filipino boxing icon.

Bradley pointed out that Marquez failed to defeat Pacquiao in their first three showdowns, which was the reason why he had no choice but to score a knockout.

“Marquez was in a little bit of a bigger hole when he knocked him out. He had fought him three times and was not able to secure a win in any of the first three fights. He had tried everything and had failed so a knockout was the only way he would win,” Bradley said.

Bradley scored a split decision win against Pacquiao in their first showdown, but the undefeated American did not get the credit he believes he deservedas the decision was highly criticized by most boxing experts.

While he is itching to prove that his first win was no fluke, he said that his current situation is different from Marquez’s situation before the Mexican boxing icon’s fourth showdown with Pacquiao.

“I am in a slight different position than Marquez was,” Bradley said. “I have already beat Pacquiao once and that was on my first try. I don’t think I have to knock him out to get a definite result but if the knockout presents itself I will take advantage of it.”

Bradley, who successfully defended his WBO welterweight title against Ruslan Provodnikov and Marquez last year, is confident that he can win convincingly against the former pound-for-pound king in their upcoming rematch.

“I will be faster than Pacquiao, I will have better defense than Pacquiao, I will be hungrier than Pacquiao,” Bradley declared. “I have been in the ring with Pacquiao so I know exactly what to expect. There are a few adjustments that I will make and with two good feet under me and at the end of the night I will be victorious again.”

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